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Before starting the RAS examination preparation, an aspirant must ask themselves the question, ‘Why RAS’?? 
Because only the right reasons can motivate you to work persistently towards cracking this exam, I see a RAS officer as a person who can bring change in the existing system. Someone who can empower the society with their efforts. Someone who can serve humanity and work for the betterment of people.

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Know RAS Syllabus

The first step would be to know the syllabus. One should read and understand the syllabus properly. Knowing the syllabus gives the students the proper idea about the topics. You must follow a few steps.

  1. Read the syllabus
    • Reading the syllabus gives us the essence of the topics that are supposed to be covered.
    • Which topics are more important and which topics can be given lesser attention
  2. Analysis of your strength
    • Once you have read the syllabus, you now know which topics are to be covered.
    • Every aspirant would now feel that there are a few subjects which they are confident about.
    • And then there are other subjects about which they feel that they are weak in those subjects
    • So here, you need to analyse our strengths and weaknesses.
    • After this step, a student can decide which subjects would need more hard work and time.
  3. To get more in-depth details about RPSC RAS syllabus to look at this article “RAS syllabus”.


Now that you have a vision of clearing RAS exam, you will need some quality guidance.
You could find guidance from various sources.

  1. Family or friends:
    1. It may be possible that you may have some family members or a friend who might have prepared for the RAS exam or might be preparing at that time. They can surely help you, as they might have already devised a strategy for themselves.
    2. But here stands a problem, the strategy that works for them may or may not work for you.
  2. Online
    1. There is plenty of information available on the internet.
    2. One can search the web and find out reliable information.
    3. The only cons of using the internet would be that the huge amount of information available can be intimidating. Also, the content related to the RAS exam on the internet is unstructured.
    4. And it does not cater to the needs of students preparing in English.
    5. Getting good quality English notes on the internet for RAS or any RPSC conducted exam is very difficult.
    6. Notes and other material is available are not of the best quality as per the standard of questions asked in RPSC RAS exam.
  3. Coaching or Counsellor
    1. Last but not least, a career counsellor. They will be better positioned to analyse your academics, area of interests, and career choices.
    2. After analysing the above factors, they may be able to chalk out a strategy based on your strengths and weaknesses and based on your preferences.

Modes Of Preparation

There are three modes of preparation a RAS aspirant can opt for :-

Coaching institute

  1. Preparation for the RAS exam was previously done through coaching institutes only. Students would have to leave their homes and come to cities like Jaipur for preparation.
  2. Here, a student may face various problems.
  3. A student has to leave his family and homes to come here.
  4. Going and staying in a different city is not an easy task.
  5. Also, shifting out means you have to spend money on things like rents of room, food, and other things.
  6. One may not find suitable accommodation and food services, which can lead to health issues.
  7. All this can affect one’s mental health, his ability to focus and learn.
  8. And the most important thing is that slowly these students become socially disconnected, which may affect other aspects of their lives.
  9. Then what is the solution? If one of the most convenient modes of preparation has so many problems associated with it, then how does one prepare for this exam.
  10. Well, the answer to these questions is our next mode of preparation.

Self Study

  1. Firstly get a copy of the syllabus printed.
  2. Then do a bit of research and get a book list prepared. You can refer to the booklist followed by toppers or recommended by experts.
  3. You can take guidance from someone already preparing for this exam or have some experience in this field.
  4. Once you are familiar with the syllabus and books, make a timetable that suits you. Set realistic targets.
  5. Read NCERT’s thoroughly. Make concise notes so that you can revise them later.
  6. Attempt MCQs least once a week.
  7. And once you have completed your syllabus, you should start giving tests.
  8. Also Answer writing is a must. You should start answer writing practise once you have completed the syllabus or reading it one time.
  9. Previous year question papers must be done thoroughly. It would give you a gist of the essential sections of the syllabus and the pattern that RPSC follows.

Online Coaching

  1. Online coaching is the best answer to all the needs of the aspirants.
  2. Think about it, if you could get the best guidance, the best and much more just at a click.
  3. Sounds interesting!!Right?
  4. Along with the guidance from experienced subject experts to Current Affairs, online coaching institutes would help you crack this exam.


Preparing for RAS might sound like a challenging process. But actually, it’s not.

With the right guidance and proper planning and strategy, it can be cracked. If the students correctly prioritise their goals and work persistently towards achieving them, being a RAS officer would be a reality.

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