Revolt of 1857 in Rajasthan

Revolt of 1857

  1. Revolt of 1857 was started on the day, 31 May in the Merut of India.
  2. The symbol of the Revolt of 1857 at all Indian levels was Roti & Rose.
  3. Governor-General of India at the time of revolt was Lord Canning.
  4. Reasons behind the revolt of 1857:
    1. Lord Wellesley imposed a Subsidiary alliance treaty on Indian Princes.
    2. Lord Dalhousie imposed the Doctrine of Lapse to capture the different regions.
    3. Another reason given by Lord Dalhousie was the maladministration in the region. 
    4. Non-appointment of Indians on higher posts in the government services.
    5. Racial treatment of Indians by the Britishers.
    6. Promotion of Christianity and Bible at school level.
  5. Reasons behind the instant Trigger of 1857 are as follows –
    1. Gorakhpur Cantonments
      1. On 29 March 1857, Mangal Pandey killed General Borough and General Hudson.
        1. Mangal Pandey was hanged on 8 April 1857 by Britishers.
      2. Instead of the Brown-based rifle, the Enfield rifle was used by the military.
    2. Meerut Cantonment.
  1. Rajputana Agency Created in 1832 with Head office at Ajmer.
  2. AGG or Agent of Governor General worked under the Governor General of India and was his agent in the state.
    1. First AGG was Mr. Locket of Rajputana.
    2. George Patrick Lowrence was the AGG at the time of the 1857 revolt.
  3. Political Agent at State provinces at the time of 1857 Revolt  are as follows:
    1. Political Agent of Kota was Burton.
    2. Political Agent of Udaipur was Major Shawers
    3. Political Agent of Jaipur was Willian Eden.
    4. Political Agent of Bharatpur was Marrison
    5. Political Agent of Jodhpur was Mac Mason

Military Cantonment Zones:

    1. Nasirabad  ( Ajmer)
    2. Neemuch ( Mewar )—-> at present M.P
    3. Deoli (Tonk )
    4. Arinpura ( Pali ), was in Jodhpur at the time of the 1857 Revolt.
    5. Kherwara ( Udaipur )
      1. Not Participated in the 1857 revolt.
    6. Beawar( Ajmer ).
      1. Not Participated in the 1857 revolt.
CantonmentDate ( Revolt Start )Year
Nashirabad28 May 1857
Neemuch3 June1857
Deoli5 June1857
Arinpura21 August1857
Bithora8 September1857
Kota15 Oct1857
  • Nasirabad Cantonment ( Ajmer )
    1. On 28 May 1857, the Nasirabad cantonment was the first in Rajasthan where revolt occurred.
    2. Due to the location of headquarters of the major department in Ajmer, Britishers shifted 15 and 30 Native infantry to Nasirabad. Army from Maharashtra was called to keep an eye on the 15 and 30 Native infantry.
    3. On 28 May 1857, the soldiers of the 15th Native infantry started the revolt.
      1. After two days the soldiers of the 30th Native Infantry merged with them and they all moved toward Delhi to join the 1857 revolt against Britishers.
  • Neemuch Cantonment ( Mewar )
    1. Mewar 
      1. Swarup Singh helps Britishers and gives shelter to the British military in the Jagat Mahal.
    2. Leadership:
      1. Heeralal
    3. Political Agent(1857): Major Showers
    4. A soldier named Mohammad Ali Beg refused to take the Oath loyalty for the British empire in front of Col. Abott. ( on the account of illegal merging of Oudh ).
    5. On 3rd June 1857, the revolt in the cantonment occurred under the leadership of a soldier named Heera Singh. They killed an English Sargent and His wife.
    6. The rebellion soldiers came to Shahpura. The ruler of Shahpura provided food supply to them and opposed captain Showers.
    7. From Shahpura they came to Nimbahera ( at that time it was in Tonk district ). They obtained massive support in Nimbahera. There the soldiers of Deoli cantonment merged with them. They all departed to Delhi from Nimbahera.
  • Arinpura , Pali ( in Jodhpur, at that time) / Puroiyo ki Kranti 
    1. Started: 21 August 1857
    2. In 1835 AD the Jodhpur Legion was constituted and Arinpura was made Sadar Mukam (Chief Hq.).
    3. Sent to Sirohi, at Abu to suppress rebellions, but they revolted under the leadership of Sheetal Prasad, Moti Khan, and Tilakram.(Check)
    4. At Auwa, Khushal Singh supported the rebellions.
    5. From Abu, Sirohi Arinpura Cantonment moved to Delhi.
    6. Slogan ” Chalo Delhi Maro Firangi”
  • Battle of Bittora
    1. 8 Sept 1857
    2. Fought Between
      1. Kaushal Singh + Rebellions
      2. Marwar Takhat Singh ( Leader- Onar Singh ) and Political Agent( Mack Mosan→ send Hithkot)
      3. Result: Khusal Singh(win)
  • Battle of Chelawas ( Gora-Kaley ka Yudh )
    1. 18 Sept 1857
    2. Fought between
      1. Kushal Singh+rebellions
      2. Marwar Agent  Mack Mosan.
      3. Head of Mac Mason was hanged on the gate of Auwa.
    3. Result: Kushal Singh won the battle 
    4. A Taylor commission was created to investigate the role of Kushal Singh in the revolt. It freed Kushal Singh from all charges.
    5. Note: 
      1. Sugali Mata
        1. Also known as Mata/Devi of revolt 1857
        2. Prithvi Singh was given the charge of Auwa after the battle of Chelawas by the Kushal Singh. He was the brother of Kushal Singh.
  • Kota
    1. Dhanteras.
    2. Political agent : Major Burton.
    3. Ruler: Ramsingh 2.
    4. Leadership: 
      1. Jaidayal
      2. Mehtab Khan
    5. Jaydayal captured the Ramsingh 2.
      1. Control the administration.
    6. Major Burton beheaded by the Rebellions.
    7. Madanpal( Karauli ruler) helped the Britisher to suppress the rebellion in Kota.