India Geography

Syllabus RAS Mains: Geography of India

  1. Major Landforms- Mountains, Plateaus, Plains
  2. Mechanism of Monsoon & Rainfall distribution
  3. Major Rivers & Lakes
  4. Major Crops- Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Sugarcane, Tea & Coffee
  5. Major Minerals- Iron ore, Manganese, Bauxite, Mica
  6. Power Resources- Conventional & Non-Conventional
  7. Major Industrial Regions.
  8. National Highways & Major Transport Corridors

Syllabus RAS Mains – Paper 2 – Unit 3 – Part B – India Geo

  1. Broad Physical Features: Mountains, Plateaus, Plains, Deserts.
  2. Major Physiographic Divisions of India.
  3. Major Rivers.
  4. Climate- Origin of Monsoon, Climatic characteristics, Distribution of rainfall
    and Climatic regions.
  5. Natural Resources: Types and uses of (a) Water, Forest, Soil (b) Rocks &
  6. Population: Growth, Distribution and Density, Sex-ratio, Literacy, Urban and
    Rural Population.