Everything that happened in the past is History. But for a student, History is what provided in the academic books and dynasties rule over a region. Here in this article, you will get everything about History and related topics, which are the main focus area of the RPSC and RSMSSB exam board.

RAS Pre exam and History

In the RAS Pre exam, History has been given the utmost importance and hence 20% of questions come from History alone.

RAS Pre exam focuses on Indian and Rajasthan history only and excludes World History.

Learn RAS pre History with Free Tests available to check your preparation.

Indian History Syllabus for RAS exam

  1. Salient features and Major Landmarks of Ancient and Medieval India
  2. Art, Culture, Literature and Architecture.
  3. Major Dynasties, Their Administrative System. Socio-Economic Conditions,
  4. Prominent Movements.

Learn Ancient and Medieval History.

Self-study Modern Indian History and Prominent Movements

Rajasthan History Syllabus for RAS exam

  1. Major Landmarks in the History of Rajasthan, Major Dynasties, their Administrative and Revenue System. Socio-cultural Issues.
  2. Freedom Movement, Political Awakening and Integration
  3. Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments
  4. Arts, Paintings and Handicrafts.
  5. Important Works of Rajasthani literature. Local Dialects
  6. Fairs, Festivals, Folk Music and Folk Dances.
  7. Rajasthani Culture, Traditions and Heritage.
  8. Religious Movements, Saints& Lok devtas of Rajasthan.
  9. Important Tourist Places.
  10. Leading Personalities of Rajasthan.

Self Study material for Rajasthan Dynastic History and Culture in detail.

Ancient History

Sr No.TopicSelf Study
1Stone AgeLink
2Chalcolithic AgeLink
3Harrapan CivilizationLink
4Rig Vedic AgeLink
6Mauryan AgeLink
7Post Mauryan ageLink
9Sangam AgeLink
10Gupta EmpireLink
11Harshavardhan and its empireLink
12Development of Philosophy Link
13Early Medieval ageLink

Medieval History

Medieval History for RAS exam is very important as almost 70% of Rajasthan Dynastic history is a part and parcel of Indian Medieval History. Read Self-study material and give the topic test to get confidence and edge to clear the competition exam with ease and fun.

TopicSelf Study
Early Medieval HistoryLink
Tripartite StruggleLink
Chola EmpireLink
Delhi SultanateLink
Razia SultanLink
Ala Ud Din KhiljiLink
Mohammad Bin TughalaqLink
Vijayanagara EmpireLink
Mughal EmpireLink
Arrival of EuropeansLink

Indian Art and Culture

Sr. NumberTopicLink
1Indian paintingsLink