History of Rajasthan

Syllabus RAS Pre – History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan

  1. Pre-historical sites of Rajasthan- from Palaeolithic to Chalcolithic and Bronze Age.
  2. Historical Rajasthan: Important historical centres of Early Christian Era. Society, Religion
    and Culture in Ancient Rajasthan.
  3. Political and Cultural achievements of prominent rulers of major dynasties – Guhila,
    Pratihar, Chauhan, Parmar, Rathore, Sisodiya and Kachchawa. Administrative and Revenue
    System in Medieval Rajasthan.
  4. Emergence of Modern Rajasthan: Agents of Social Awakening in Rajasthan during 19th – 20th Centuries. Political Awakening: role of newspapers and political institutions. Tribal and Peasant movements in 20th century, Praja Mandal movements in various princely states during 20th century. Integration of Rajasthan.
  5. Architectural Tradition of Rajasthan- temples, forts, palaces and man- made water bodies; Various schools of paintings and handicrafts.
  6. Performing Art: Classical Music and Classical Dance; Folk Music & Instruments; Folk Dances & Drama.
  7. Language & Literature: Dialects of Rajasthani Language. Literature of Rajasthani language and Folk literature.
  8. Religious Life: Religious Communities, Saints and Sects in Rajasthan. Folk Deities of Rajasthan.
  9. Social Life in Rajasthan: Fairs and festivals; Social customs and traditions; attires and ornaments.
  10. Leading Personalities of Rajasthan.

Syllabus RAS Mains – Paper 1 – Part A – History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition and Heritage of

  1. Major landmarks in the History of Rajasthan from Pre-historic time to close of
    18th century, Important dynasties, their administrative and revenue system.
  2. Salient events of 19th & 20th centuries: Peasant & Tribal Movements. Political
    Awakening, Freedom Movement and Integration.
  3. Heritage of Rajasthan: Performing & fine Art, Handicraft, Architecture and
    major sites of World Heritage and Tourism in Rajasthan, Fairs, Festivals, Folk
    Music and Folk Dance.
  4. Important works of Rajasthani Literature and Dialects of Rajasthan.
  5. Saints, Lok Devtas and eminent personalities of Rajasthan