The Folk Songs of Rajasthan

Folk Songs Kesariya Balam It is the state song of Rajasthan. The song is sung in Mand singing style.  Moriyao Suwatiyo Kurjan Kaga Papaiyo Pipali Lawani Hindo Kaman Sithne Gorband Chirmi Jira Jaccha Badhava Pawna Mumal Ghumar Humsidho Panihari Jalo Read more

The Prominent Saints and Sects of Rajasthan

Saints and Sects Some facts about the Bhakti movement and forms: Bhakti Era/Period: The time period of the Bhakti era is believed to be from Samvat(1443-1643AD). George Grierson called this a Swarnkal. Shyamsundar Das called this as a Swarnayuga. Acharya Read more