Learn Ancient and Medieval History in a new way

RAS syllabus for the Indian History Include

  1. Salient features and Major Landmarks of Ancient and Medieval India
  2. Art, Culture, Literature and Architecture.
  3. Major Dynasties, Their Administrative System. Socio-Economic Conditions,
  4. Prominent Movements.

Ancient History is very important for almost all major government job exams of the country. It covers the portion of history from the Stone age to the fall of Central Hindu kingdoms of north India.

Some important terms


The name Bharatvarsha was given to the country after the name of an ancient tribe community called Bharatas. The ancient tribal community people were called Bharatasantati.


Chakravartins was the title adopted by the Kings who ruled complete Bharatvarsha. In today’s scenario, Bharatavarsha includes India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan etc. . It covers the region from Himalayan to Cape Comorin in deep south and North East region to the Indus River in the west.

Self Study Indian History and give regular tests to master the Subject.